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Reviews about Makom Balev Restaurant


Kitchen Type: Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Events, Restaurant- Cafe, romantic
Pardes Meshutaf 5 , Raanana Show Map
WebSite: Makom Balev

Jane Shalev - על מסעדת מקום בלב 03/06/2013

We had a very bad experience yesterday June 2.
Of the menue of 10 item 3 was not available,and worse part the IN House Hamburger was ordered by three people and the waitress took the order.
Unfortunatly we where told that all the hamburgers where finished on saturday/then after we asked why did they not order in advance ( our dinner was at 19.30 ) we where told that they had a delivery but the meat was not up to standard ? the waitress was not informed in advance how come ??
you could order new meet for the whole day ?
We where offered dessert FREE of charge but it turned out that only 2 cakes where free and the rest we had to pay for. WHY? Either its free or not ?
the whole thing was very embarrassing since we come with guests from abroad.
Would appreciate a full explanation of this of this behavior.

אוכל: 3 שירות: 4 אווירה: 4 עיצוב: 5
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Benny Brenner - על מסעדת מקום בלב 27/02/2012

We arrived for breakfast at 09:00.
Towards a cold and rainy day, the place was freezing, we were told that the air conditioning takes time on heating.
What they served was really quite tasteless and poor.
We ordered a cheese omelet, they told us they have just run out of cheese.
The tables for two, very small and our dishes were half out of the table.
Was still cold and we left as soon as possible.
We hope not to return to that site.
אוכל: 2 שירות: 4 אווירה: 3 עיצוב: 5
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Leen - על מסעדת מקום בלב 08/12/2011

We made reservations 2 weeks ahead, and even confirmed the day before we came. Still, a table was not reserved, and we were sitted at this very big table, where we couldn't hear each other. They wouldn't even appologize or compensate us. Too bad.
אוכל: 4 שירות: 1 אווירה: 3 עיצוב: 5
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