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Joya Ramat Hahayal Restaurant

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  • Fish,
  • Seafood,
  • Bistro,
  • Restaurant- Bar,
  • Meat,
  • Italian,
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  • Open on Sabbath

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  • Food 3
  • Service 2
  • Atmosphere 4
  • Decoration 4
Simon Wrigley On date 4/10/2014

We took an American visitor to Joya in Rmat Chayal.
This once great restaurant has gone down hill. The receptionist practically ignored us, the service was very slow and unprofessional. The food was basically bland. My Pizza arrive cold half an hour later, the wine by the glass had obviously been opened days ago, the deserts were totally bland the Tiramisu tasted like shaving foam. My coffee although i requested strong tasted like coffee flavored dish water. When i asked for replacement the waitress forgot all about it and i had to ask a further 2 times. A total disappointment a waste of money, and sub standard food.

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