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Noya Gil Amit
Noya – kosher restaurant in Jerusalem located within a walking distance of the Western Wall
Some restaurants offer a nice integration of chef food and elegant yet non-condescending atmosphere. Noya – kosher restaurant in Jerusalem located within a walking distance of the Western Wall - is one of those: high standards for the past 6 years, and probably many more to come.

Smooth jazz music was playing in a perfect volume when I walked in. the restaurant's French design is incorporated with a Jerusalem touch, and so is the menu: a combination of the French and local cuisine, made of high quality produce and fresh herbs, while excluding any kind of instant powders. As this is a kosher restaurant, many of the dishes served in Noya are based on olive oil.

We started with a crispy focaccia with an assortment of spice herbs that was served with meze: delicious sweet beat salad, roasted pepper with a delicate spicing, rich olive spread in olive oil, and fresh green beans with garlic.

Then came an amazing, colorful dish of salmon tartar, served with onions and cucumbers over a bed of green leaves and olive oil. This one is highly recommended.

Liver pâté with mini-toasts and onion confiture left us speechless. The liver was fresh, tasty and could stand on its own even without any add-ons.

But it was time for our main courses. Spring chicken in dried fruit and cinnamon was juicy, soft and wonderful, scorched on the outside, just the way I like it. It was served with a soft puree that felt very buttery, although it was only made with olive oil.

A meat trio was composed of prime rib, asado meat and rib. The prime rib was so fresh; it was not at all processed before being grilled. The asado was made just right and the rib was soft and tinder. The trio was served with sweet sauce and a side dish of chestnuts and small potatoes – just get it when you get there.

It was finally time for desserts – sweet strawberry sorbet, nut pie and soufflé. I loved them all.

One last thing: Noya is available for private events including 90 guests or less. Use it for the Bar Mitzvah celebration in your family. It is worth your time.

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