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Business Menus for All Who Seek Them at HaYam HaSini
Business Menus for All Who Seek Them at HaYam HaSini 3 deals starting at 25 NIS
HaYam HaSini restaurant, which serves traditional quality Chinese food with a touch of Israeli taste, is offering two lunch business menus and one evening business menu. The diner has a choice between a light meal which includes a salad-bar, sushi and rice; and a full meal which includes a choice of first course, a choice of entr?e, side dishes, dessert, and a drink. The prices are accommodating to all.
We have all experienced the following problem: a group of people want to go out for a meal but can’t seem to decide on a place which is suitable for all of them. This person has a big appetite, that person is reasonably hungry but is also looking for place offering reasonable prices, and the other guy isn’t hungry at all and will be satisfied with a salad. This entire group, as well as many others, will all be satisfied with the business menus offered at HaYam HaSini restaurant.

No less than 3 business menus are offered at HaYam HaSini restaurant, which serves traditional quality Chinese food with a touch of Israeli taste. Two of them are offered at lunch time, one in the evening. The variety of dishes is quite large, and so is the price range: the customers have a choice between a light meal for only 25 NIS, and a full lunch or dinner meal, which includes a first course, an entr?e, side items, and a dessert course, all of which can, at the most, cost 80 NIS.

Business menu ‘L’ is offered Sunday – Thursday, between 12:00 – 5:00PM. It includes, at a price of only 25 NIS, an all-you-can-eat salad-bar, sushi (until 3:00PM), soups and rice/noodles. For an additional price, a customer who wishes to do so may add his choice of a dish from a list that includes, among other items:
Chicken with eggplant – 31 NIS.
Chicken with pecan nuts – 31 NIS.
Chicken with mixed vegetables – 31 NIS.
Chicken with black beans – 31 NIS.
Beef in Szechwan sauce and garlic – 31 NIS.
Beef with dry red peppers – 31 NIS.
Beef with pineapple – 31 NIS.
Beef with soft noodles – 31 NIS.
Mussels with garlic – 36 NIS.
Calamari with Szechwan and garlic – 36 NIS.
Calamari in black bean sauce – 36 NIS.
Roast duck – 39 NIS.
Shrimps with pine nuts – 49 NIS.
Shrimps with cashew nuts – 49 NIS.

Business menu ‘XL’ is offered Sunday – Thursday, between 12:00-6:00PM. The meal includes: soup, a choice of appetizer (egg roll, samsi or a vegetable salad), steamed or fried rice, a soft drink, and an entr?e of choice from the menu. The price of the meal is the price of the entr?e. Among the entr?es:
Chicken/Beef with eggplant – 52 NIS.
Chicken/Beef with pecan nuts – 56 NIS.
Chicken/Beef with black beans – 56 NIS.
Mussels with ginger and scallions – 62 NIS.
Calamari with dry red peppers – 62 NIS.
Crab meat with ginger and scallions – 65 NIS.
Fried fish in sweet and sour sauce – 65 NIS.
Fried fish in a garlic and butter sauce – 65 NIS.
Steamed fish in soy sauce – 65 NIS.
Roast Chinese-style duck – 69 NIS.
Duck with pineapple – 69 NIS.
Shrimps with dry red peppers – 72 NIS.
Shrimps in Szechwan and garlic – 72 NIS.
Scallop with pine nuts – 72 NIS.

HaYam HaSini restaurant also offers a dinner business menu. This includes a first course of choice (Wonton/corn/hot-and-sour/vegetable soup, samsi, vegetable salad, or an egg roll), a side item (fried/steamed rice or vegetables), a dessert (fried banana, fried pineapple, lychee, or ice-cream), soft drink, and an entr?e of choice from a list that includes:
Chicken/Beef – 65 NIS.
Fish – 70 NIS.
Calamari – 70 NIS.
Oysters – 70 NIS.
Duck – 70 NIS.
Shrimps – 80 NIS.

HaYam HaSini is a spacious restaurant with a prestigious appearance, and is suitable for both romantic encounters and formal occasions. The evening time finds the restaurant hosting staff-members of the Asian Embassies in Tel Aviv – Japan, China, and Korea, as well as local businessmen, couple, and families. The restaurant can accommodate up to 100 people for an event, and a VIP room for private gatherings of up to 30 people is also available. Recommended dishes on the menu are home-style roast duck, steamed fish in soy sauce, chicken in black bean sauce, and dim sum.

HaYam HaSini
3 Shankar St., Tel Aviv
03 - 5107823

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