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  • Food 1
  • Service 4
  • Atmosphere 3
  • Decoration 2
John Johnson On date 4/24/2014

NOT Thai food at all!!! Everything that they serve (that requires a wok), regardless of what you order, is just ingredients in soy sauce. For example, this includes things like Pad Thai that don't have soy sauce in the ingredient list. There were no peanuts, let alone peanut sauce in the Pad Thai (which is a major subcategory in their menu). There is no redeeming quality to the food. If you don't know Asian food, it might be okay.

The people are nice. They even checked the temp of the drinks to make sure that they were cold. The outdoor seating is nice, the indoor seating seems okay. They also do delivery which is a plus.
  • Food 1
  • Service 2
  • Atmosphere 3
  • Decoration 2
jake dmith On date 6/25/2012

I could only force myself to consume a small proportion of this awful greasy tasteless excuse for a meal.The roast beef content seems to have escaped my search for it.I retreated from the venue feeling nauseated from the excessive grease I should have known better than to consume.

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