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Restaurants Details Address Phone Coupon Reservation Site
Tarshish 9 More details Tarshih 9 Ceasar hotal front Eilat 053-6130178 Order now
Taverna Pub More details New Tourism Center, Beside The Beinleumi Bank Eilat 08-6373406
tea house
Kosher: Rabanut
More details lotan 08-6356935, 054-9799030
The Balle Of Sha-la-la More details Dalya Hotel Eilat 08-6334004
The brewery More details 2 Eilat 08-9350550
Three Monkeys Pub More details Royal Beach Eilat 053-8094596 Order now
Tika Masala More details 2 Eilat 08-6336631
Top Sea More details Eilat 08-6315566
Uga Chaga
Kosher: Mehadrin
More details 3 Eilat 053-8094675
Victory More details Eilat 08-6315566
Wasabi sushi bar Eilat
Kosher: Rabanut
More details anafa 1 Mor center Eilat 053-8094929
Yakimono Eilat More details Eilat 08-6368862
Yan's Beach More details Eilat 057-7613838
Zaafran Cirim And Shipodim More details 9 Eilat 077-4509080
Pago Pago More details Eilat Marina, Beside Crown Plazza Hotel Eilat 08-6376660 ,08-6372526 HyperLink

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