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Restaurants Details Address Phone Coupon Reservation Site
Kakao Marina Eilat More details Laguna Promenade Eilat 08-6334496
Kakao Icemall Eilat More details Campen 8 Icemall- Ice Park Eilat 08-6377477
Kakao Yahel Park More details yahel 052-2210510
Kapot tmarim
Kosher: Mehadrin
More details Eilot 08-6358789
KFC More details Eilat 1-700-506070
KM101 More details Eilat 053-8094382 HyperLink
Kmo Babait
Kosher: Rabanut
More details Habursekai 9 Eilat 08-6377582
La Cucina More details Royal Beach Eilat 053-8094807
La Sardin More details Eilat 08-6767488
Lalu More details 259 Eilat 08-6330578
Las Pampas More details Dan Hotel Promenade Eilat 08-6332266
lavander cafe More details Kampan 5 Eilat 08-6422422
Lawrence More details Northy Hike Eilat 0504068384
Little brazil More details Eilot St 3 Eilat 053-8094971 HyperLink
Marina Grill More details Hamelech Shlomo Promenade Eilat 053-8094543
Mc'Donald's More details Campen 8 Ice Park Eilat 052-7701191
Mcdonald's More details Eilat 054-2399038
Mika Happy Sushi More details Eilat 053-8094764
Mike Burger More details Eilat 08-6326206
Mike's Place Eilat More details King Solomon Boardwalk Eilat 053-8094562
Moses More details Yam 4 Eilat 053-8094681 Order now
News coffee-bar
Kosher: Rabanut
More details Darban & Kaman St, Against Magic Palas Hotel Eilat 08-6349999
Kosher: Rabanut
More details Tarshish 7 Eilat 053-8094749 HyperLink
omer's More details 83 Eilat 08-6521646
PADDY'S More details NEW TOURISM CENTER Eilat 053-8094523 Order now

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