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Restaurants Details Address Phone Coupon Reservation Site
Hans Sterrnbach Winery More details 83 Givat Yshayahoo, P.O.Box Emek Haela 99825 Givat Yeshaayahu 053-8094670 HyperLink Order now [HyperLink3]
hashipudiya shel shufan More details max nordau 5 Be'er Sheva 053-9373942 Order now [HyperLink3]
Hatarnegol Hacahol More details Nisim Aloni 10 Tel Aviv 053-8094910 Order now [HyperLink3]
Hatzuk miseedet shef
Kosher: Mehadrin
More details Rosh Hanikra 053-7933981 Order now [HyperLink3]
Kosher: Mehadrin
More details Dad Machnes 6 Netanya 053-8094754 HyperLink Order now [HyperLink3]
Hazaken Vehayam More details kedem 85 Jaffa 053-8094390 Order now [HyperLink3]
Hazedef More details yosef sapir 2 Rishon Lezion 053-8094342 Order now [HyperLink3]
helena More details The Old Town, Ceasarea Port Keisarya 053-8094915 Order now [HyperLink3]
Holy Bagel Modi'in
Kosher: Mehadrin
More details Avney Hachoshen 15 Modi'in 053-9373513 [HyperLink3]
Holy Bagel Ra'anana
Kosher: Mehadrin
More details Ahuza 158 Keren Hayisud corner Raanana 053-8094951 [HyperLink3]
Innsense More details ar ardon 8 Mizpe Ramon 053-6110376 Order now [HyperLink3]
Kosher: Mehadrin
More details By The Hayarden River Rosh Pina 053-8094352 HyperLink [HyperLink3]
Italkia Bapishpeshim More details Olei Zion 16 Jaffa 053-8094615 Order now [HyperLink3]
kafit More details Zevulun Valley 3 Modi'in 053-4872320 [HyperLink3]
Kosher: Rabanut
More details Hahoza 71 Raanana 09-7797300 [HyperLink3]
Kimmel More details hashahar 6 Tel Aviv 053-8094911 HyperLink [HyperLink3]
Kimmel BaGilboa More details Gilboa 053-8094746 HyperLink Order now [HyperLink3]
Kosher: Rabanut
More details Koyfman 6 Tel Aviv 053-8094337 [HyperLink3]
Kitchen Market More details 12 Tel Aviv 053-8094800 Order now [HyperLink3]
la repubblica di RonniMotti More details 3 Tel Aviv 072-3281673 Order now [HyperLink3]
Lebowski More details mlchi israel 11 Tel Aviv 053-9373343 [HyperLink3]
Lehem Basar beit shemesh More details Yigal Alon 3 Bet Shemesh 053-9345817 Order now [HyperLink3]
Lehem Basar Jerusalem
Kosher: Mehadrin,Mehadrin to Mehadrin
More details David Remez 4 Hatahana Harishona, Kikar David Remez Jerusalem 053-7933199 [HyperLink3]
Lehem Basar Tel Aviv
Kosher: Badatz (Sfarad),,Mehadrin
More details yordey hasira 1 hangar 14, tel aviv port Tel Aviv 053-8095534 Order now [HyperLink3]
Leo Bloom's More details 24 Tel Aviv 053-8094688 [HyperLink3]

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