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barbeach More details Almog Beach, in front of Isrotel Yam Suf Hotel Eilat 08-6325058 Order now [HyperLink3]
Barbis Diner & Bar More details Tarshish 19, Park Ophira 19 Eilat 08-6342404 HyperLink [HyperLink3]
Hamaflet Haaharon More details Almog Beach Eilat 08-6373627 [HyperLink3]
Pastory More details Tarshish 7 Eilat 053-8094952 HyperLink [HyperLink3]
whale More details Eilat 053-9387037 Order now [HyperLink3]
5th avenue More details hayam 5 Eilat 0537932289
9Beach More details Eilat 0539377446
Kosher: Rabanut
More details Ha'hamam Area Eilat 053-8095123
agadir Eilat More details Kamen 10 Eilat 08-6333777
Kosher: Mehadrin
More details Eilat 053-4872332
Al Hayam More details Eilat 050-9995415
Angelina More details Hamelech Shlomo Hotel Promenade Eilat 053-8094348
Kosher: Rabanut
More details 68 Eilat 053-8094712
Aroma More details 26 Eilat 08-6330934
Aroma More details Ambasador hotel Eilat 08-6318445
Aroma More details 20 Eilat 08-6318445
Auni More details New Tourism Center Eilat 08-6376555
Bar Rif Hadolfinim More details Southerly Beach Eilat 08-6342498
BarNash More details 6 Eilat 08-6332888, 054-7970989
Barry's More details paamey hashalom 19 Eilat 053-7107072
Baruch Hadayag More details Eilat 08-6375331 Order now
Beatles More details Tourism Center Eilat 054-9231793
Beni Hadayag More details Hanesicha Hotel Eilat 08-6365591
Big Apple Pizza More details Eilat 08-6340423
Big Apple Pizza
Kosher: Mehadrin
More details Campen 8 Ice Park Eilat 1-700-700-105

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