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Kosher: Rabanut
More details 4 Aba Even, Herzliya Herzliya Pituah 053-8094899 HyperLink Order now [HyperLink3]
Derby Bar Dagim More details Hashunit 2 Arena Mall, Hertzliya Marin Herzliya Pituah 053-7107077 Order now [HyperLink3]
Meat and Wine Co
Kosher: Rabanut
More details 16 Herzliya Pituah 053-8094373 Order now [HyperLink3]
9bar Arena More details hashunit 2 Arena mall Herzliya Pituah 1-700-50-55-95
Achim otman More details Herzliya 09-9512586
Ad Haetzem Herzelia More details corner of Maskit St, Michrazim House Herzliya Pituah 053-8094994 Order now
Adams The New Voice More details 1 Herzliya Pituah 09-9571165 Order now
Agadir Herzlia More details Hamenofim 9 Herzliya Pituah 09-9516551
Ahmad Et Salim More details Ronit Gas Station, At exit To Tel aviv Herzliya 09-9560268
Al Hamaim More details Hasharon Beach Herzliya 09-9511812, 09-9501767 Order now
Kosher: Rabanut
More details Ramot Yam 60 Herzliya Pituah 09-9528210
Arcaffe More details Herzliya 09-9607146
Arcaffe More details 5 Herzliya Pituah 09-9577677
Arcaffe More details 32 Herzliya Pituah 09-9565247
Aroma More details Herzliya 09-9502247
Aroma More details 9 Herzliya Pituah 09-9514143
Aroma More details 2 Herzliya Pituah 0543-061587
Arthur More details 15 Herzliya Pituah 09-9507887
Asya More details De Shalit Square Herzliya Pituah 09-9572942
Avazi More details 5 Herzliya Pituah 09-9555481 1599-500-321
Ayelet omanoot habishool More details 75 Herzliya 054-5292455
B - point More details Kibutz galil yam, Herzelia. Herzliya 09-9565335
badashon More details 10 Herzliya Pituah 09-9505717
Bahadunas More details Hamanofim 11 Herzliya Pituah 09-7738618
Barban street More details 8 Herzliya Pituah 053-8094386

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